Myers's Jamaica Rum

Why are there even two S's in this? Ever notice that when you see this one on the shelf in every shitty bar? Bet not. I don't know why I have this one. I think I bought it before I knew what rum was.

Meermaid Infused Rum

Another one from the Craft Spirits festival in Berlin a few back in 2016. This one has a nice ceramic bottle, and the guy who sold it to me was a really nice tall fellow. Pretty balanced rum.

HSE Rhum Agricole Blanc

Got this Rum Agricole at the store down the street. The first night I bought it, I drank a little too much and went absolutely nuts. I don't recommend that. It's very high ABV and I did not realize that.

Clement 125th Anniversary Agricole Rhum

I bought this one at a store down the street from me. Weird, in a street full of mostly apartments, there's a Rum Agricole store. The guy in the store is really nice and talkative. Also funny, this is the Clement (fancy brand) 125th Anniversary edition bottle… this is what they chose. 🤷‍♂️

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Def one of the more delicious things you can put in your mouth. Typically a few are tossed into a Manhattan, but you can also eat them straight or stick em in other cocktails. The syrup is also perfect for a sinking deep red gradient in a light cocktail.

Atenco Espanín

Listen, I love mezcal. I’m annoyed by how little there is in my collection, but it’s so hard to find in Berlin! I got this one at a craft spirits festival in Berlin a few years back. It’s awesome.


This is like top 5 favorite things to have in my bar y’all. It’s insanely high in alcohol content, and also is GINGER liqueur, so it burns extra extra hard. Fernet plus Ratzeputz sounds crazy but it’s a great cocktail.

Letherbee Bësk

This stuff is soooo gnarly. Like it’s straight up real nasty. Originally Letherbee brought it out as “Malort,” the classic Chicago shot, but they got sued so it’s called Bësk now.


This is an herbal liqueur, like Jägermeister. Made in Berlin and has a nice label and cool name, so I guess that’s good. It’s really tasty.