e+m Clutch Pencil

This is the tool I do all my pencil illustrations with. The lead is super thick, so there’s a lot of flexibility in line weight depending on how much you sharpen it or wear it down.

UEETEK Litter Scooper

Litter scoopers are disgusting. 🤮 And usually they’re this really flimsy plastic. This is a thing you use almost every day that should do a really good job every time. Why not buy a good metal one?

WMF Immersion Blender

I love blendy things. I always knew I needed the Cuisinart food processor in my kitchen. Learned that from every mom ever. But what I never really knew I NEEDED in my kitchen was a simple immersion blender. These things are a fraction of the price of a food processor or a blender, and they’re super versatile.

Google Pixel 3

It’s really hard to switch phones. Everything is new and different; patterns, features, organization—everything needs to be relearned. When I switched from my iPhone 7 Plus to a Google Pixel 2 I was pretty disappointed.